WADA The Updated 2017 WADA Prohibited List
Dec 7 2016

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published the updated 2017 WADA Prohibited List, which will go into effect on January 1, 2017. This list regulates athletes, support personnel, including coaches, parents, physicians, trainers,

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Federal Investigators Bust Orlando Heroin Drug Ring
February  21, 2016
A joint two-year between federal, state, and local authorities have busted a drug trafficking ring along International Drive in Orlando. The suspects called themselves La Compania and sold heroin twenty-four hours a day,

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Police Officers in the Boca Raton Area to be Required to Carry Heroin Antidote
February 27, 2016
Earlier this month, the Delray Beach Police Department announced officers would carry the lifesaving heroin overdose antidote. Thirty-two shift supervisors can now check out kits naloxone,

14 Year-old Left Blinded After E-Cigarette Explodes
April 23, 2016

A 14-year-old has been blinded in one eye and potentially faces permanent damage to his hands after allegedly testing an e-cigarette at a mall kiosk in Brooklyn, New York. The latest in

Drug Store Paternity Test, Are They Accurate?
April 6, 2016

England’s controversial talk show host Jeremy Kyle, of the “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” recently released a brand of at home paternity tests that are flying off the shelves. AlphaBioLabs in Warrington started

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