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Effective January 1, 2018, The Department of Transportation is amending its drug-testing program regulation to add hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone, and oxycodone to its drug-testing panel. The revision of the drug-testing panel harmonizes DOT regulations.
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Pilot arrested On Tarmac After Failing Breathalyzer Before Take Off
March 20, 2016

This past weekend, an American Airlines Co-Pilot was arrested on the tarmac as passengers looked on after failing a breathalyzer test. The flight about to leave the Detroit Metropolitan airport

Marijuana use changes brain's reward system overtime
June 9 2016

Researchers found that individuals who were long-term marijuana users had increased activity in certain areas of the brain associated with reward when presented with marijuana-associated cuesMarijuana use changes brain's reward system overtime ,

Senate Democrats want Pilot-Rest Provision in FAA Bill
April 20, 2016

As both sides of the aisle try to push the Federal Authorization Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill through, Senate Democrats are looking to add on a pilot rest provision.  Sens. Barbara Boxer

What is KetamineKetamine is categorized as a dissociative anesthetic. A dissociative anesthetic is a drug that distorts perception of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment or dissociation from the environment and self. On the streets, the drug is sold as

A New Direction on Drugs
Michael Botticelli says the old war on drugs is all wrong, and wants to refocus the U.S. drug policy
June 13 2016

The following is a script from "A New Direction on Drugs" which aired on Dec. 13, 2015,

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